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Hi guys. Long time no update. Been really busy. But no one emailed me to complain so I let it go. And I know I promised to keep my site alive until the end of the current television season, but since no one seems to have missed me, I'm calling it quits now. Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to keep this site going through the years. It cost me a small fortune, but it was a blast. Now I sign off with this final post:

The Place finally coming to DVD

A new generation of young professionals living at the infamous Melrose complex deal with obtaining their own personal goals, drives, and desires, both amongst themselves and others. A doctor and a budding fashion designer, roommates who later fall in love and a gay man with no love life round out the first round of tenants in this tiny apartment complex that boasts a very interesting way of life.

Last updated February 12, 2008